Yuta and Minami

Tanaka Yuta and Tanaka Minami are brother and sister living in Tokyo. Yuta is 12 years old, and is in the sixth grade. Minami is seven years old, and is in the first grade. They live with their parents and younger sister. Yuta likes to play baseball. Minami takes ballet lessons.

Hello. We are Yuta and Minami, and we live in Tokyo.… There are five of us in our family: our father, our mother, the two of us, and our younger… I go to the bathroom when I wake up. We… I wash my face. I'm still sleepy.
My mother does my hair. "Mom, can you put … “Make the ponytail, neat, please. And could you… We eat breakfast. Our father has already left for work. Let's have breakfast. “Itadakimasu!”
We have bread or cereal in the morning. Minami: This is my breakfast of cereal, soup, sausage, … Yuta: This is my breakfast of bread, soup, sausage, and… After breakfast, I brush my teeth. I brush gently …
I put my textbooks and notebooks in my randoseru for… I throw my randoseru on my back. “It's heavy!” We put our shoes on at the front door. “Let's hurry!” Ittekimasu!
We leave for school, which is about a five-minute walk… We get on the escalator. We live on the fourth floor. When we get home from school, we play video… Minami: Video games are fun. Yuta is really good at…
I always do my homework in the living room. I do my homework. I have kanji and math homework… I do my homework in my room. I learn new kanji every day.
I study English by writing the alphabet and listening… I read every day. It's fun. I like baseball. I want to become a baseball player. I help around the house. I wash the bathtub. It's …
I read in bed before going to sleep. I sleep in a bed. I go to bed at 9 and fall asleep… Good night. I always fall asleep with the light still on.
<ゆうた> Yuta: This is my desk. I don't do much studying here. Yuta: This is my hat and my school shoes. We … Minami: This is my randoseru. My textbooks and … Minami: This is my pencil case. It's pink.
I like baseball. I'm a pitcher. We have practice and… This is me at a baseball game. I made a hit! Yuta: These are my most treasured possessions: … I like ballet. I take lessons twice a week.
These are my treasures. “Look! Aren't they lovely?” They're necklaces and bracelets and rocks.… I got this necklace from my grandfather.
©TJF, Photos: Naganuma Atsuko
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