市川の家で、尊敬する星野道夫さんの写真集を見ているところです。星野さんは同じ市川出身の写真家で、アラスカの自然と動物をこよなく愛した人でした。星野さんはお父さんの友だちで、わたしが小さいころ家に遊びに来たこともあります。でも、1996年8月、カムチャッカ半島(ロシア)でのテレビ番組の取材中に、クマに襲われ亡くなりました。作品は、『National Geographic』に掲載されたりするなど、国内外で高く評価されています。星野さんの本を読んで、大自然にあこがれるようになりました。いつかオーロラなど星野さんの見た景色を見るためにアラスカに行きたいと思っています。

My favorite things

Back in my home in Ichikawa, I'm looking at an album of photographs by Hoshino Michio, a photographer I especially admire. A native of this same town, he went to Alaska and fell in love with the landscape and animals there. Hoshino-san was actually a friend of my father's and when I was small, he came to visit us. But in August 1996, Hoshino-san was attacked by a grizzly bear and died while shooting a television documentary on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. His photographs have appeared in National Geographic magazine and he is well known not only in Japan but overseas. I became interested in learning more about nature and the environment after reading his books, and hope one day I can go to Alaska and see the auroras and the landscape that Hoshino-san saw.

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