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【Online Teaching Support】Worksheets for Online Learning: Future Plans and Immigration


Click Nippon introduces activities focused on future plans and immigration.

A group of students from Canterbury University interviewed Mr. Shimizu, the owner and chef at Sakimoto, a Japanese restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand. (Tokimeki Shuzaiki: https://www.tjf.or.jp/tokimeki/canterbury/2019/12/04/1501/)

In the senior high school level, students read the abridged interview article and the list of the top 10 occupations desired by high school students in Japan, and talk about their own aspirations. Students are invited to make their own 人生 (じんせい) ゲーム (Game of Life) in Japanese.
In the heritage, or background, level, students read the abridged interview article and participate in class activities on the topic of immigration, which relates to global issues and Japanese identity. The activities include interviewing parents, doing research, and engaging in discussions on the topic of immigration.
Through these activities, we will cover the topics of aspirations, career, future plans, global issues, and Japanese identity.

Worksheets can be downloaded from the link below.

☆for senior

☆for heritage

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