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Put in a check mark in the box next to the word that can be used as a Japanese word just as it is when expressed in katakana. Then write the word in katakana.

  • School teacher
  • Engineer=エンジニア
  • Soccer player
  • Car mechanic
  • Car designer
  • Fireman
  • Translator
  • Illustrator
  • Counselor
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse


  • Car designer カーデザイナー  
  • Illustrator  イラストレーター  
  • Counselor  カウンセラー

How are the other six words written in Japanese?  

  • Soccer player:サッカー選手(せんしゅ)  
  • Car mechanic:車の整備士(くるまのせいびし)  
  • Fireman:消防士(しょうぼうし)  
  • Translator:通訳(つうやく)  
  • Pharmacist:薬剤師(やくざいし)  
  • Nurse:看護師(かんごし)

You’ll note thatサッカー, for “soccer player” is expressed in katakana representing the English pronunciation. “Nurse” is sometimes expressed in katakana, with the word ナース, but a more formal word for persons certified in the profession is 看護師 (かんごし). On the other hand, a “nurse station” is called ナースステーション.

Isn’t that interesting?


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