My town Tokyo: Around my neighborhood

This is a ramen restaurant where I often eat. The ramen here is made with a rich pork stock and still it leaves a clean, light aftertaste. Of all the ramen I've eaten, this one is the best. Just plain ramen is 550 yen. This time, however, I asked them to add slices of chashu (roast pork), onions, and whatever else they had. It came to 1,050 yen.

写真をクリックすると大きい画像(A4プリントサイズ)を表示することができます。パスワードはTJF Photo Data Bank と同じです。
Click the photograph to open the original photo data set to print at a standard quality on A4 paper (210mm * 296mm). The Password is the same as the one for TJF Photo Data Bank.

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