Elementary school teachers commonly assign homework daily in order to help children develop good study habits at home. Children take their textbooks home every day. Homework is primarily review and preparation, and the content can be quite varied depending on the subject or area of study, including long-term project assignments or other types of work. To encourage children to socialize as well as learn practical skills for taking care of themselves, students have recently been assigned such homework as "playing with friends" or "washing your school indoor shoes (uwabaki)."

Homework assignments are also given for the summer vacation, which is the longest school holiday of the year. Students may be asked to write book reports, grow morning glories or sunflowers and keep a daily journal of their observations, do a craft project or painting, or research a topic of their choice.

Students in the third year of junior and senior high school have less homework because the number of students attending juku or other classes in preparation for the entrance examinations increases.



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