Michio Hoshino (1952-1996)

Hoshino was born in Chiba Prefecture. After graduating in economics from Keio University, he went to study wildlife management at Alaska University. He is best known for his photographs of the natural scenery, animals, and people of Alaska. He was killed by a bear in 1996 while on a television shoot in Kamchatka, Siberia.

Hoshino's photographs have appeared in such well-known magazines as the National Geographic. In 1986, he received the third Anima Award, and in 1990, the 15th Kimura Ihei Prize. Hoshino produced a number of writings and books of photographs, among them Grizzly (Heibonsha), Hoshino Michio no Shigoto (The Work of Michio Hoshino; Asahi Shimbun), Arctic Odyssey (Shinchosha), and Arasuka: Kaze no Yona Monogatari (Alaska: A Tale Like a Wind; Shogakkan).




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