Jiro Akagawa (1948-)

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Akagawa worked as a salaried employee for twelve years as a businessman after graduating from Toho High School .In 1976, while still company employee, Akagawa won the All Yomimono New Mystery Writers' Prize for a short novel entitled Yurei ressha (Ghost Train). A later work, Mike neko Homuzu no suiri (The Tortoise-shell Detective Cat Holmes; Kobunsha, 1978), recounting the adventures of a cat detective, became a best seller, and Akagawa's writings have continued to be popular ever since. Almost every year he is ranked among the top-ten authors with the highest earnings. Akagawa has written over 400 books and sold more than 270 million copies. A number of his works, such as Serafuku to kikanjyu (The School Girl and the Machine Gun), Tantei Monogatari (A Detective Story), and Futari (Two), have been made into popular movies.




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