Activity 3: Describe Personalities of Family Members
Date: Country: Author(copyright): Themes:
2002/3 US Takahashi Megumi, Kiyozuka Chiho, Kubota Ryuko Self, Family, Friends
The students will describe personalities of their family members.
Presumed class profile
Level of Japanese-language Japanese 1
Grades and Ages Grade 9-12, Age 14-18, Secondary
Optimal number of students 25
Text book used Kisetsu 1: Haruichiban
Required language skills Novice-low in ACTFL Proficiency Guideline (finished 90 hours of instruction) / Asking and answering about their profiles / Counting people / Identify different subject names
Others n/a

Points to be studied
Language objectives
Function Structure Vocabulary words/phrases
- The students, given adjectives to describe personalities, will identify them with 90% accuracy.
- The students, given the adjectives, will introduce their and other families with 85% accuracy.
- The students, given i-and na-adjectives in contexts, will differentiate the use with 90% accuracy.
-Describe personalities of people.
- 〜はどんなひとですか。
- i-adjectives: うるさい、かわいい、おもしろい、やさしい、きびしい、いそがしい
- na-adjectives: げんき、きれい、まじめ、こせいてき、しょうじき、クール
- どんな
- ひと
Cultural objectives
Target Process Aim
n/a n/a n/a

Activity type
Activity type Mode Oral/written Who
Teacher demonstration, structure practice, narrative and description, role play and dialogue practice, information gap and jigsaw Interpersonal, Presentational Oral, Written Individual, Pair, Whole Class

From the Deai photo sheets From the Deai text booklet Other materials
MY-P08 n/a - Picture cards for adjectives, - Warm-up Sheet B, - Family pictures the students drew on Day 2.

Duration 60 minutes (3rd day of the unit)