Grade 6 Class 1-Self-Introduction
Fukka   My nickname is "Fukka." I love video games, especially games like "Sangoku musou [Dynasty Worriors]"*1 or "Final Fantasy."*2 I like baseball, and am learning how to play. My favorite lunch is the jumbo gyoza. My favorite subject is gym. I like the manga Naruto.*3 My favorite food is melon, and I don't like somen noodles. I’m always getting in trouble for talking too loudly. When you come to Japan, please go see Mt. Fuji.



*1 An action game from PlayStation 2 based on the Chinese classic, Three Kingdoms.
*2 A role-playing game in which the players venture through an imaginary world. The famikon (video game) version went on the market in 1987, and the PlayStation 2 version in 2003.
*3 A popular manga series about a boy ninja published in the weekly comic magazine Shukan shonen janpu (Weekly Jump) (Shueisha). The anime version is also broadcast on TV.
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