Grade 6 Class 1-Self-Introduction
Maotchan   My nickname is "Maotchan." My hobby is basketball. At my school, I am a part of an extracurricular club*1 called the "mini-basu."*2 I have practice two to three times a week. "My boom"*3 right now is listening to western music when I come home tired. I like the singers Brittany Spears*4 and Hillary Duff*5. Also, I like reading manga. I exchange manga with my friends.



*1 At this elementary school, extracurricular club activities in mini-basketball, soccer, baseball, badminton, and brass band have practice two to three times a week with the cooperation of community members who serve as club instructors.
*2 An abbreviation for mini-basketball.
*3 Something which one is into, or hooked on.
*4 An American singer who made her debut in 1998 and is popular worldwide.
*5 An American pop star who made her debut in 2000.
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