Grade 6 Class 1-Self-Introduction
Ito-chan   My nickname is "Ito-chan." I like mystery novels, and my top recommendation is the Arsene Lupin series. At home, I make plastic models of Gundam*1 from the animated series, and play soccer. I have been studying English since fifth grade in preparation for junior high school. I can eat almost anything but my favorite dish is sushi. I don’t like vegetables with strong taste like myoga. Right now, I’m into the TV show Enta no kamisama [The God of Entertainment]*2 in which different comedians perform comedy sketches. My dream is to become a nursery school teacher, so I want to get to know a lot of people in many different grade levels.


*1 A robot operated by the main character of Gundam, an anime set in the future. The anime has been serialized since its first TV broadcast in 1979, and is still popular.
*2 A variety show currently being broadcast on the Nippon Television Network in which both amateur and professional comedians perform.
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