Grade 6 Class 1-Self-Introduction
Saya   My nickname is "Saya." My hobby is reading manga. I go to the bookstore once a month and buy girls' comics that look interesting or books or magazines. Also, I like listening to music. I listen to my favorite singer Hirahara Ayaka*1 and western music even while I do my homework. At school, I am in the extracurricular brass band club*2. I play the tuba. I am also learning English, but I have only just started. It is lots of fun and I am looking forward to English class in junior high school.



*1 A female vocalist who made her debut in 2003. Her song, in which she wrote lyrics to Gustav Holst's piece, "Jupiter," was a huge hit.
*2 At this elementary school, extracurricular club activities in mini-basketball, soccer, baseball, badminton, and brass band have practice two to three times a week with the cooperation of community members who serve as club instructors.
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