Grade 6 Class 1-Self-Introduction
  My nickname is "Yui." I am good at playing badminton. I have badminton practice two to three times per week as an extracurricular club activity*1. My hobby is listening to music. I like the group SMAP*2 and I listen to their songs a lot. I also love to have chat with my friends. I want to be a dog trainer*3 in the future. I love dogs, and I walk my family dog everyday and play with him.



*1 At this elementary school, extracurricular club activities in mini-basketball, soccer, baseball, badminton, and brass band have practice two to three times a week with the cooperation of community members who serve as club instructors.
*2 An all-male popular music group with five members. Members perform not only as a group but are also active individually as TV personalities and actors. Kimura Takuya is one of the group's members.
*3 Dog trainers train dogs and instruct owners on how to train and care for their dogs. They also train seeing-eye dogs and service dogs that assist people with other disabilities. The profession has attracted increasing attention in recent years.
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