Grade 6 Class 1-Self-Introduction
Miyazawa Sensei
Miyazawa Sensei   I am the homeroom teacher for Grade 6 Class 1. I have been the homeroom teacher for this class since they were in fifth grade. In the beginning, the students lacked self confidence and did not speak up very much. My goal has been for each student to find his or her own place in the class, and now they are all very motivated, both boys and girls get along with one another, and they organize various activities by themselves. For example, they are making plans for a time capsule*1 before graduation, organizing class meetings, and planning the farewell party. The class is quiet and cheerful and everyone is respectful of each other, and I enjoy being with them every day. voice
*1 A practice commonly seen in elementary and junior high schools which takes place to commemorate graduation. A class packs souvenirs in a box which they decide to open up in five or ten years. The box is then buried.
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