Popular professional sports

Baseball has been the most popular professional sport in Japan for the past six years, according to a national survey of those aged 20 and older by Central Research Service, Inc.* Second is sumo and third, J League soccer, followed by professional boxing, golf, F-1 and other forms of car racing, and professional wrestling. Baseball is the most popular sport of all age groups, but the ranking of sports differents by age and gender. The most popular professional sports for young men in their 20s are: baseball, soccer, wrestling, boxing, car racing, sumo, and golf. Sumo and golf become increasingly popular as the age range goes up.
Japanese interest in the professional sports of other countries is growing as more and more Japanese athletes, particularly in baseball and soccer, become more prominent in the American major leagues and on international soccer teams.

*Central Research Service Inc., "Ninki supotsu chosa", "A survey of popular sports"



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