Father's Day

Father's Day is the third Sunday of June. In the United States it was officially designated in 1972, but in Japan it did not take hold until 1980 when the Japan Men's Fashion Association Unity set up a Japan Father's Day committee and established a Best Father Award.

A survey by Coanet Internet Service* found that 42 % of Japanese junior and senior high school students give their father a present on Father's Day. Junior high school girls were most likely to give a Father's Day gift (52 %) while senior high school girls were the least likely (34.5 %). The most popular present was a necktie (22 %) followed by shoes (14 %), handkerchiefs, golf balls, letters, cards, clothes, and cakes. Most students spent between 500 to 1,000 yen (31.3 %) on their Father's Day gift. The next most common price range was 1,000 to 1,500 yen (27.5 %), followed by less than 500 yen at 13.8 %. Older students tended to spend more than younger students.

*Coanet Internet Service, Inc., Chu kokosei no "Haha no hi" "Chichi no hi" ni kansuru ishiki chosa, 2001


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