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‘The Seven Deai students:

Mizushima Yu, Oishi Kanta, Sakai Michi, Tamaki Shun'ichi, Yamamoto Takayuki, Yoo Yoo Jin, Yoshida Kojiro (The students' names have been changed for this project.)
‘Senior High Schools of the Deai Students
(student name in brackets)
Hokkaido Shibecha High School (Sakai Michi), Ichikawa High School (Yoshida Kojiro), Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumi High School (Mizushima Yu), Okinawa Prefectural Haebaru High School (Tamaki Shun'ichi), Osaka Sangyo University High School (Yamamoto Takayuki), Senri International School High School (Yoo Yoo Jin), Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Yamabuki High School (Oishi Kanta)
‘Photographers (student name in brackets)
Hidaka Daisuke (Mizushima Yu), Hongo Jin (Mizushima Yu), Kato Akihiro (Mizushima Yu), Morisaki Minoru (Yoshida Kojiro), Nakamura Taka'aki (Tamaki Shun'ichi), Nakanishi Yusuke (Oishi Kanta), Okamoto Takuya (Yoo Yoo Jin), Taniguchi Tatsuro (Yamamoto Takayuki), Yoshida Tadamasa (Yamamoto Takayuki, Yoshida Kojiro), Yoshino Hikari (Sakai Michi)
‘Photographic Support
Izena Shoen-daiko, Kato Takanori, Kodansha, Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum, Maeji Akihiro, McDonald's Japan, Mega Takashi, Oishi Naoto, Sayo Jun'ichi, Takezaki Naoko, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Tsutsumi Yuka, Ubiquitous and the families and friends of the seven Deai students
‘Music on Deai Photo Essay Cafe website
gThis island I love- Izenajimah Songs and lyrics by Tamaki Shunfichi, Arranged by Bamboo & AIKO
‘Support for Interviews
Yoshida Tadamasa
‘Design and Printing
Hellmets, Sekiguchi Hiroshi, Takeuchi Saori, Tenzansha, Toppan Printing, Ubiquitous
Japanese to English:
Center for Intercultural Communication John Brennan, Pat Murray, Penny Kinnear, Susan Murata

English to Japanese:
Hirano Ayako, Shibahara Sanae

Japanese to Korean, Korean to Japanese:
Kim Sunok, Gwon Yeongsuk, Bak Yeonghui, Hando Chizuko, Mun Jeongseon, Kim Misuk

Chinese to Japanese:
Takeda Shizuka, Uemura Makiko
‘Advice on Planning Deai as a whole

Sato Gun'ei, Tohsaku Yasu-Hiko

Arakawa Yohey, Ebuchi Kazuhiro, Kawasaki Seiji, Shimano Masatoshi, Watanabe Jun, Yabe Mayumi, Yoshida Kensaku, Yoshiki Hisako

Japanese Language Education:
Michie Akabane, Kasumi Aoki, Etsuko Barber, Sheila Baumgardner, Mary-Grace Browning, Amy Camp, Karan Chandler, Sara T. Diaz, Carl Falsgraf, Peggy Hagmann, Kazumi Hatasa, Yoko Kano, Itsuko Kitagawa, Ryuko Kubota, Rachel Lichtig, Mari Maruyama, Susan McGregor, Kiyoko Morita, Mari Noda, Kelly-Ann Okamoto, Yukari A. Pack, Laurel Rasplica Rodd, Paul Sandrock, Susan Schdmit, Lynn Sessler, Joanne D. Shaver, Masatoshi Shimano, Akiko Soda, Motoko Tabuse, Susan Tanabe, Yoko Thakur, Patricia M. Thornton, Jessica Haxhi Thurrott, Kazuo Tsuda, Madeline Uraneck, Shingo Usami

Social Studies:
Terri Bramhall, Lineah Davey, Janet Hoaglund, Lynn Parisi, Jeffrey R. Poland, Margo Walsh
United States-Japan Foundation
The Japan Foundation (Support Program for NGO-assisted Japanese Language Education), Japan 2001 Committee, Kodansha (Designated Donations by the Japan Foundation)

Department of Education and Training, Victoria
Department of Education of Western Australia
Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education
Professional Support and Curriculum Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Training
Queensland LOTE Centre

New Zealand:
Association of Colleges of Education in New Zealand

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, American Forum, Asia Society, Council of Chief State School Officers, National Council of Japanese Language Teachers, National Foreign Language Center, Program for Teaching East Asia.

The Japan Festival Education Trust

Air New Zealand, ANA, Kintetsu World Express, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, MOL Logistics, Northwest Airlines, Toppan Printing

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