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Deai Workshop II in U.S and Canada
From November 2001 to July 2002, we held the first round of Deai workshops in many regions of the U.S. and Canada. We are now planning a second set of workshops and have begun contacting associations of Japanese language teachers in each region. Through the second series of workshops, we would like teachers to share their ideas, based on their own experiences, for using "Deai," such as ideas for activities and for how to make the most of the Deai CD-ROMs and Website. Please contact us if you are interested in organizing a Deai workshop in your region.


Title: How to Use "Deai" with Advanced Classes
Date: October 11th/12th
Place: Tacoma Sheraton Hotel, Tacoma, WA (At the COFLT-WAFLT Fall Conference 2002)
Contact: COFLT (Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching) http://www.open.org/~coflt/nextconf.htm / WAFLT (Washington Association for Language Teachers)

Title: Deai Workshop II: Using CD-ROM and Internet Resources
Date: Friday, October 18th 15:30-16:20
Place: Ballroom I, Holiday Inn South, Lansing, MI (At the MFLA 2002)
Presenters: Tabuse Motoko, Eastern Michigan University, MI / Michael Kluemper, Jasper High School, IN
Description: The focus of this workshop is the use of the computer in the classroom, specifically the CD-ROM and Internet resources. Participants will explore ways to effectively utilize them in their own classrooms.
Contact: MFLA (Michigan Foreign Language Association) http://clear.msu.edu/mfla/

Title: Deai: The Lives of Seven Japanese High School Students
Date: Saturday, October 25th 16:40-17:30
Place: Holiday Inn Select, Koger Center, Richmond, VA (At FLAVA Conference 2002)
Presenter: Joanne Shaver, Moody Middle School, VA
Contact: FLAVA (Foreign Language Association of Virginia) http://www.userhome.com/flava/conference.htm

Title: Deai workshop: Using CD-ROM and Internet Resources
Date: Saturday, November 9th 9:00-9:50
Place: Indianapolis, IN (At IFLTA Fall Conference)
Presenter: Michael Kluemper, Jasper High School, IN
Contact: Claudia Nole cnole@parktudor.pvt.k12.in.us, Vice-President, IFLTA (Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association)


Title: Deai workshop
Date: Saturday, December 7th 7:45-12
Place: Aiea Intermediate School, HI


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