Hokkaido Shibecha High School
ほっかいどう しべちゃこうこう

Emphasizing the relationship of the environment to daily life and seeking to explore new directions in agriculture, one of Hokkaido's key industries, Hokkaido Shibecha High School is among public schools that have introduced the "integrated course" program. In addition to major subjects in the arts and sciences, students are free to choose from 91 elective subjects those that appeal to their interests or lead to a desired career. Electives include subjects in community environment such as environmental science, nature in Hokkaido, home economics and nursing social services, subjects in dairy farming sciences such as animal husbandry, agriculture and rural life, farm management, etc., subjects in food chemistry including food and culture, food chemistry, etc. and subjects in agribusiness such as agriculture information management and agricultural economics. In "People and the Industrial Society," one of the required subjects of the integrated course, students visit local shops and factories and receive lectures from people active in the local community. A large farm and athletic field and various types of laboratory facilities are another special feature of the school.
《→koko no shurui, tan'isei 高校の種類―単位制 types of school, credit-based system》

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