Mother's Day

Mother's Day Present


Every year, Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May and this year it fell on May 8. In Japan, as a deep sense of gratitude, we customarily send a bouquet of carnations to our mothers. Other countries also celebrate Mother's Day but the date seems to vary according to each country. How did you spend your Mother's Day?

Every year I give a bouquet of red carnations with a card to my mother. I also give another gift and this year I baked a banana cake for her.

The reason why I decided to bake a banana cake is because one day when I whimsically baked one my mother said, "It's delicious!"

To come to think of it, my mother came to check on me when I suddenly, without saying a word, decided to bake the cake. I was quite anxious but she seemed to believe that I was baking it for myself. She just said, "I want to have a piece, too." I felt relieved that she did not think it was her Mother's Day present. (⌒-⌒; ) When I finished baking it, I confessed, "It is actually your Mother's Day present." My mother replied, "Really? Thank you! It's just what I wanted." My mother said that it was delicious, which made me so happy. (*^_^*)

I bought the bouquet of carnations the day before. She was not aware of it until I gave it to her and was quite surprised saying, "When did you buy it?"

Both presents were well received!

It was a happy day with everyone in our family in smiles. ≧∇≦)


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