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Japanese Culture and Daily Life Takarabako

I. Daily Life

II. Pleasures and Sports

III. Society and Education

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Takarabako and its predecessor, the Japan Forum Newsletter, published articles on many topics introducing the culture of Japanese daily life. On the occasion of the transition from print publication through Takarabako to publication online through Click Japan, articles published in the Newsletter columns on Japanese daily life and the Takarabako column "Japanese Culture Now" was compiled under the title Japanese Culture and Daily Life Takarabako, in three e-books subtitled Daily Life, Pleasures and Sports, and Society and Education, respectively.

Designed in pages that can be turned as in a printed book, these e-books are meant to be read on a computer. They can be perused like ordinary books, flipped through to enjoy the photographs and charts, or searched as a reference work on various aspects of Japanese culture.