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The following list of words, 1 through 7, are taken up in the “Japanese Culture Now” article in this issue. Reading the hints provided in the parentheses, try to guess the meaning of the word.
Next, try checking off the items that are recycled in Japan. Remember, you read about it in the column, “Recycling: Reuse in a Different Form.”

  • 1. 牛乳パック
    (how do you say “gyunyu” in English?)
  • 2. ペットボトル
    (this word comes from an English acronym)
  • 3. わりばし
    (the word is given in romanized form in the article)
  • 4. レジ袋
    (“reji” comes from the English word “cash register”)
  • 5. ビン
    (something made from glass)
  • 6. 缶
    (the word for a container made of either steel or aluminum)
  • 7. エアコン
    (household appliance used to regulate indoor temperature;
    this word is the abbreviation of an English term)



1. 2. 5. 6. 7 



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