Raw fish

Fresh seafood fillets sliced into bite-sized strips and eaten raw with shoyu (醤油しょうゆ soy sauce) and wasabi (わさび Japanese horseradish) are called sashimi. Almost any fish can be used for sashimi, but the most common are red-meat fish such as tuna and bonito; white-meat fish, such as sea bream, flounder, horse mackerel, and sea bass; and freshwater fish, such as carp. In addition shrimp, squid, abalone, and ark shell are also favored.

Sashimi is usually served on a bed of fine strips of daikon (大根 だいこん Japanese white radish), with wasabi (わさび Japanese horseradish) as a condiment. Shoyu (醤油しょうゆ soy sauce) is served separately in a small saucer. Sashimi is eaten after dipping it in soy sauce flavored with wasabi or by placing a small amount of wasabi on it and then dipping it into the soy sauce.

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