Agricultural cooperatives

A nationwide network of cooperatives established in 1947 to promote the improvement of agricultural production and the social advancement of farmers as well as development of the economy. Open to farmers and farming enterprises, the cooperatives' activities include the marketing of products, large-scale purchases, the extension of credit for business and daily life needs, mutual aid insurance, and technical guidance and support, and establishment of commonly used facilities. The name nogyo kyodo kumiai was changed to JA in 1992.

Agricultural cooperatives are roughly divided into two categories: general and special. General cooperatives are organized generally on the town or township (choson) level. Special cooperatives are made up of members representing a particular agricultural industry such as fruit farming, dairy farming, etc. There are about 1,500 agricultural cooperatives in Japan whose membership totals about 9,000,000,000 people. Even non-farmers can become associate members of agricultural cooperatives by making a fixed investment. Non-farmer membership has increased in recent years, today accounting for 40 % of total membership.




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