The Healing Boom

Iyashi, the noun form of the verb iyasu, as in tne case of curing disease and wounds, and easing hunger and pain. It is a popular buzzword today, referring to anything that is physically or mentally soothing. Iyashi goods--books, music, pictures, incense and aromas, bath salts, and plants--abound, offering to ease the physical and psychological stress of the workplace and of daily life in general. The prolonged economic recession has added fuel to the iyashi boom.
Aromatherapy, in which the fragrance of natural oils is used to promote relaxation, is an especially popular form of iyashi healing. In France, a doctor's license is required and in the U.K., government certification is needed to become an aroma therapist, but in Japan no official certification is yet required. All that is needed is a certificate of completion for one of the many aromatherapy courses available.




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