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2001/10 US Sheila Baumgardner
Teacher Education Associate Beaverton Schools Beaverton, Oregon

These activities will hopefully provide you with more ideas on using the Deai pictures, captions, and comments. Any of the writing assignments could be done in English or in Japanese depending on your student's language level. Enjoy and keep adding to this list with your wonderful ideas!!

1. Write captions for the pictures based on what you sense is going on. Then compare your captions with the actual captions.

2. Write a short fantasy story about one of the Deai character's life. Be sure you include setting, characters, events, problem and resolution.

3. Create bubbles for the conversations happening in the pictures.

4. List as many nouns, verbs, and adjectives that you see in the pictures. You may also want to list as many sentences describing actions or objects in the pictures. This can be a class race.

5. Write about similarities and differences that you feel is there between the Deai character's lives and yours.

6. Write about similarities and differences that you feel is there between the various Deai characters.

7. Create a collage of the foods, places, uniforms, home styles, interesting actions, etc. of the Deai picture sets.

8. Imagine that you are a psychologist. What type of a personality does each of the Deai characters have? Be able to defend your findings with evidence from the pictures, captions, and comments.

9. Create an imaginary/real life timeline for the Deai characters. Use the information presented to create their real life timeline from birth to present. Then create an imaginary timeline for the rest of their lives. Be sure you include information about college, job, marriage, greatest accomplishment, and death.

10. Deai Character Question Game. Students will be divided into teams of four. Each team is presented with Deai pictures, comments, and captions of one character and their group will be named after this character. Students study the information about their character. During the game, one group goes up to answer questions about their character. They are provided with dry erase boards and pens and are placed in the 4 corners of the classroom so they can't discuss answers with each other. Meanwhile, the other teams ask questions to the team playing. The question may be as simple as, "What is the hobby of your character." If all team members are able to write out the same answer, they receive a point. If they all don't have the same answer, the team who asked the question gets a point. Each team waiting it's turn is able to ask a question. Then, a new team goes up to be asked their questions. The team with most points in the end wins the game.

11. Three Truths and a Lie. Divide the class into two teams. Number the students in each team. Have all the Deai picture packets, captions, and comments available for students to study. Each student is required to come up with three truths and a lie about a Deai character. They write this out on an individual dry erase board or a large piece of paper. During the game time, the opposing teams will face each other. Person #1 will present their three truths and a lie to person #1 from the opposing team. If they are able to correctly identify the lie, their team gets a point. If they are unable to identify the lie, the questioning team receives a point. Continue with this process until all team members have had the opportunity to ask and answer questions.

12. Read through the comments and captions sections. You can also look at the pictures. Identify the kanji you would like to study and add it to your kanji list.

13. You are provided with a reading based on the comments or captions of the Deai picture sets. The reading assignment is missing key words. Your job is to come up with probable words that would logically fill in those blanks. You are welcome to use the picture sets for help.

14. Listen to the daily routine captions out of order. Figure out which pictures need to be moved around.

15. Create a daily routine commentary about one of the characters. You can order their daily routine activities in any way you see fit. Read your commentary to a classmate and have them put the pictures in order based on your commentary.

16. A Deai character's pictures of their daily routine is given to you out of order. Decide on a "correct" order for the cards and state your reasons for your choices.

17. Create a blow up mask or a paper puppet of each of the characters. Use the names of these characters whenever you do dialogues or storytelling.

18. Pick one picture from the Deai series that describes the main character the best. State why you picked that picture and how that picture provides an understanding of the character.

19. You own a dating service. All the people in the Deai project are your clients. Who would you match up? Why?

20. You own an excursion company. Your job is to put together activities for single people looking for adventure. The Deai characters will be visiting the US. Your job is to put together several excursions for this group. Study up on the information about your Deai clients and plan an itinerary for three days. Defend your itinerary with reasons as to why you feel your activities will be appropriate and meaningful for the various characters.

21. You have successfully won the rotary scholarship to Japan for a year. All the Deai character's homes are a possible homestay sites for you. Which Deai project's character's home would you choose? Why?

22. Your Deai character has decided to look for penpals in the US. They were asked describe themselves and their lifestyles for an ad in an International exchange magazine. Write this ad for the characters.

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