Copyright and Portrait Rights

Concerning Copyrights and Portrait Rights for Photographs, Videos and Texts (My Story, Caption, etc.)

Under contract between TJF and the individual photographers, TJF holds the copyright to all the photographs included in the "Deai" resources with the exception of MY-P02, some shots on MY-P03, some shots on MY-P10, OK-P02, SM-P02, some shots on SM-P06, TS-P02, YK-P02, YK-P05, YT-P02, some shots on YT-P05, and YP-02.

TJF also holds the portrait rights for the Deai students, their parents, siblings, and other relations, as well as friends, teachers, school-related and other persons appearing in the photographs contained in "Deai," either under contract or by verbal agreement with all persons concerned. TJF assumes all legal responsibility regarding copyright and portrait rights in this project. The names of the seven Deai students given in this resource are pseudonyms.

All the photographs, videos and text recorded in these materials may be used free of charge, insofar as it is for educational activities including routine classroom use of a non-profit nature. Prior permission must be obtained in writing from The Japan Forum for use of the photographs and videos in any textbook, website or other publication, whether produced for profit or not-for-profit purposes.

Concerning Copyright for Sample Lesson Plans

The copyright for the original sample lesson plans and all associated materials, worksheets, and other original work published on the Deai Website remain with the original authors, who are mentioned on each respective page. Website users are allowed, insofar as it is for non-profit educational purposes, to download and use these copyrighted materials free of charge and without acquiring permission form the author.

However, in the event a website user intends to make use of these copyrighted materials in a website or publications, regardless of whether that use is for profit or not, said user must acquire prior permission from the author. (For author contact information, please inquire with TJF.)

The processing of games and other programs published on the website is prohibited, whether for profit or not-for-profit purposes.