Field Day (Undokai)

My last high school field day


I had my last high school field day in the beginning of May.

All three grades were divided into four teams, East, West, South, and North to compete for the championship.

I belonged to the East team, whose class color was orange. Each class made original T-shirt of the class color. There were various competitions, such as footraces, a mock cavalry battle, in which each knight rode on a horse of 4 people fought for a tag, bar pulling fight, in which two teams ran from opposite sides of the field to bring back as many bars as possible to each team, interclass relay race, interclub relay race, and so on. I participated in the rafting, the bar pulling fight, and the interclub relay race. The rafting is to run a race on the 15 people's back lined side by side to the designated line. Our team did not win the first prize, but we could deepen mutual friendship and already made good memories of newly formed class of the 3rd grade.



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