New Year (Shogatsu)

Part-Time Job as a Miko


Happy New Year to you!

This year, I was busy working even on New Year's day and the day before!

My part time job was to work as a miko or "shrine maiden"!
On the first and fifth of January, I was pouring omiki (special sake blessed by the gods), selling talismans, and handing out fortune slips to visitors.

Especially on New Year's day, there was an endless stream of people coming to pay respects at the shrine for their first visit of the year. On the fifth, the first business day of the year, I saw many groups of company employees coming to pray for success in their business.

This year, unlike in previous years, I was helping with the rituals for bringing in the New Year for visitors to the shrine. So my New Year holidays were full of happiness.


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