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Last Climb of the 2014 Season (о´∀`о)


We climbed Ohshibayama in Miyagi prefecture on 15th November! 10 of us, 3 teachers and 7 students climbed together. It is dangerous to climb mountains in winter due to snow so it was our last climbing in 2014.

Teachers said "Don't forget to wear gloves and cap. It will be snowing." I was thinking probably 10 cm of snow could be seen there in November. However, as we approached the summit, snow became deeper and deeper. It was already 60 cm of snow!!!!
Therefore we needed to advance pushing away the snow.

After I came home, I told my parents that the snow was as high as my waist but they did not believe me. (Laughter)

365_201412_02.jpgWe descended the mountain and went to a lodge owned by our high school ski club, which was located 20 minutes car ride from the mountain.

We were one hour behind the schedule, since the snow was heavier than expected. At 6 o'clock we arrived the lodge, and we cooked our dinner- pork with rice, stew and salad. ☆ the feast was suitable for the last climbing of the year, much nicer than the normal dinner. (*^^*)

365_201412_03.jpgA teacher who was transferred to another school visited us with some food!! (*´-`)
From now on, we cannot climb the mountain for 3 months. So we would like to train ourselves so that we will be ready for the next climbing season (*´∀`).

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